Whiteboard styled animation

Whiteboard styled animation

60 seconds max of whiteboard styled animation for your next presentation, product showcase, company/business homepage, etc;


The benefits:

  • Voice over included so you don’t have to worry about your voice for those to hear
  • Get background music so it isn’t awkward when a voice is talking about something
  • 1 minute is plenty of time to talk about what you have to offer
  • unique whiteboard styled animations so you keep your viewers interested

Delivery time:4 business days for product to be ready


  • Script of 200 words or less/no more than 200 words

Once payment has been received, you will get a confirmation message to your paypal email from our contact email. Please email us if you do not get a confirmation email within two days. Thank you for your business.

E-mail daytodaycontent@gmail.com Hours Response Times:M-F:9am-4pm PDT Weekend:8am-9pm PDT
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